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    Please Note the forum is not for promoting of goods or services or events for NON magazine supporters. All posts promoting an event, school or goods or services will be removed and a warning placed in the thread. Advertising, posting to sell, buy, or trade products or services, affiliate links, links to promote commercial websites, blogs, other forums is not allowed without explicit permission.

    The Blitz Martial Arts online discussion forum is designed to allow martial arts enthusiasts to freely and openly discuss topics of interest or concern to martial artists and the industry. However, we’re not interested in getting sued any more than you are. Nor are we interested in allowing the wholesale character-assassination that often takes place on internet forums. This forum is subject to Australian Federal and State laws pertaining to copyright and defamation issues, therefore Blitz Publications reserves the right to remove any posts that potentially contravene these laws, or that promote illegal activities.

    In keeping with the spirit of the martial arts and maintaining a forum open to all styles, posts that are off-topic, contain abusive language or inappropriate pictures may also be removed immediately. (It will then be up to you whether you react by starting a new thread called ‘Censorship by Blitz right-wingers!’, with a lengthy tirade about our role in the Military Industrial Complex and its great conspiracy to silence dissenters, or whether you act like a reasonable person and go do some training instead.)

    We want this to be a friendly and positive forum for all Blitz readers and Australian martial artists. Debate is great, but keep it respectful and relevant. Twenty pages of internet warriors arguing over who has the longer katana is boring and doesn't encourage new visitors to post.

    We are adding private message capabilities to the forum soon. If you have a specific grievance or question for another forum user that doesn't concern anyone else, take it to email or PM.

    There are posters here with a wide range of martial arts experience, from complete beginners to those with 50+ years under their belts (or sashes). We like it that way. It's fine to want to tell everyone about the benefits of RBSD, aliveness, fancy weapons or wearing a camouflage gi, but no-one needs it rammed down their throat — especially newcomers to the martial arts. If a poster is enjoying their karate, taekwondo, capoeira or Viking Arts training, there's no need to yell, "OMG YOUR MARTIAL ART/CLUB/SENSEI SUCKS! COMMENCE TRAINING IN MMA IMMEDIATELY!" at them. By all means, encourage new martial artists to research and experiment, but preaching and bullying doesn't help anyone.

    "But they're training at a McDojo!" Possibly. But if they're happy where they are, then you need to let it go. If you have a genuine concern that someone is being ripped off or scammed, send them a polite PM or email detailing your concerns.

    If you know a particular subject/argument has already been played out between the same parties on another martial arts forum, and a poster is just trying to pick the same argument, simply post the relevant link and notify a moderator/admin to lock the thread.

    We don't expect you to write like Shakespeare, but do take a few seconds to read over your posts before pressing 'send'. This is a text-based medium after all, and if what you write doesn't make any sense, then it doesn't contribute to the discussion. Equally, make sure your post reflects the tone you want to convey. Emoticons and saying things like "Just joking" can really help.

    Unless you're a moderator or admin, you don't need to take the forum law into your own hands. It's fine to say, "Hey, I think that comment is out of line", but beyond that, email/PM a mod/admin with your concerns and we will deal with it. We're paid to do this. Your time can be more constructively spent training. If you're so bored that you can't think of ANYTHING better to do than lecture strangers on an internet forum, PM us and we'll set some training drills for you.

Note: Members cannot, without the sender’s permission, post PM messages on threads. This should go without saying — they are called ‘private messages’ after all. Please respect this.

If you're genuinely interested in being a moderator, let us know and we'll talk it over.
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