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Kudo is a classic

Written by Steven Talevski & Ben Stone
Chris Gillies on why he offers kudo in his dojo now and it's participation in the 2016 Arnold Classic. Read more...

Goju Ryu Block Set-ups

Written by Wayne Bridge and Peter McGuire
Wayne Bridge and Peter McGuire look at the block and grab relationship in Goju Ryu karate. Read more...

The Sweet Science

Written by Zach Broadhurst
AIS PhD student Emily Dunn who taks us into life at the Combat Centre. Read more...

5 minutes with Steve Hardy

Written by Zach Broadhurst
Steve Hardy has left the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association after being an intergral part for many years. Read more...

Shihan George Barounis on why katas are changed

Written by Ben Stone
Shihan George Barounis explains the reason why some katas are changed. Read more...

The Watanabe Way

Written by Jason Romer
Shihan Watanabe talks about his decades of martial arts experience. Read more...
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