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Shihan Martin Day talks kyusho-jutsu - Preview

Written by Jarrod Boyle
A preview of Shihan Martin Day's feature in the November issue of Blitz. Read more...

Naomi Ali: 100-man fighter

Written by Boon Mark Souphanh
Naomi-Ali-100-Man-Kumite-DSC 1290
Naomi Ali is the first-ever woman to complete the 100-man (or woman?) kumite.  Read more...

Mohammad Rezaie: Survival by Karate

Written by Jarrod Boyle and Monica Hardy
Mohammad-Rezaie-Kyokushin-x6-DSC 5577
The story of Mohammad Rezaie - refugee Black-belt making waves in the Aussie full-contact arena.  Read more...

Master Kyoshin Kayo: Shobukan's spirit

Written by Boon Mark Souphanh
Master-Kayo-x5-KAYO-MEMORABILIA 0001
Master Kyoshin Kayo has lived and breathed karate since he walked into the dojo for the first time back in 1948.

Shokan Takeda Sun: Karate without compromise

Written by Boon Mark Souphanh
Shokan Takeda Sun Hanshi, 10th Dan, has lived Down Under for nearly 30 years and maintains an unflinching approach to the karate methods he began learning 65 years ago in Japan.

Dion Panossian: West Australian karate wiz

Written by Boon Mark Souphanh
Dion-Panossian- MG 9224-21
Sensei Dion Panossian is a 6th Dan Black-belt under martial arts pioneer Master Kyoshin Kayo. Get to know him better in this exclusive interview.
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