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How to kill fear and summon courage

Written by John Coles
Fear-iStock 000016395669Large
John Coles looks into how emotions can effect our choices in potentially violent situations.  Read more...

The mission of repetition

Written by Shawn Donaldson
Repetition-Shawn-Donaldson-DSC 5341
Shawn Donaldson of Adelaide’s Denshinkan Academy shares some solutions to the problem of repetition. Read more...

Choosing the right martial art for you

Written by John Will
Does your martial art of choice fit like a glove? John Will talks choosing the right MA for you.  Read more...

How to train future MA leaders

Written by John Will
John Will talks about cultivating future leaders in your gym/dojo. 

5 Traits of the Mentally Tough

Written by Tai Sor Jaiphet
076-079 Mental-Toughness-Nathan-Corbett-CREDIT-Chris-HydeGetty-Images
5 traits all mentally tough fighters share. Learn about what it takes to be mentally tough. 

What is the role of Budo in building character?

Written by David Dangerfield
David-Dangerfield-x3- MG 5221
Aikido sensei David Dangerfield, 6th Dan, puts up an argument for the philosophical potency of budo. Read more...
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