The Raid is Coming!

Written by Administrator

Madman has snagged the Aussie distribution rights to The Raid, an acclaimed festival hit from writer-director Gareth Evans and up-and-coming action star Iko Uwais. The film revolves around a special-forces team that stage an assault on an apartment complex to take down a drug kingpin.

The building serves as a safe house for some of the worst thugs and killers in the world. Critic David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter says of the film, "Full of dynamic physical stunts and imaginative death blows, the movie balances moments of intense quiet with fresh crescendos of visceral violence," he wrote. "This kind of relentless noise and carnage can be numbing in less-skilled hands, but Evans, who also handled the rapid-fire editing, brings elegance and imagination to the outrageously charged action, as well as unflagging energy."

Madman Entertainment Managing Director Paul Wiegard also sings the film's praises: "Internationally, The Raid has connected with critics, genre enthusiasts and audiences alike which bodes well for the Australian and New Zealand cinema release. Rarely do we see a film poll so well in vox pops post screening; audiences buzzing after the 101-minute adrenaline rush and wanting to replay the mayhem." The Raid is released in Australia on 22 March.