Melbourne gets Primitive

Written by Blitz

Karl Thornton’s Modern Defensive Tactics Australia will host an in-depth seminar on the Primal System of self-defence on 14 July at MDTA’s branch in Mitcham, Victoria.

Karlton Thornton of MDTA.

The Primal System is a unique approach to self-defence that is based on human psychology and physiology, and the reactions that happen when confronted with violent circumstances.

The system trains the physiology to respond instinctively with the in-built psychology in what is called the ‘instinctive reflex response’.

“In doing this, the Primal System works to improve one’s ability to react and respond as well as minimise trauma in self-defence situations,” said Thornton.

The seminar will cover a wide variety of Primal System theory and techniques including fundamentals, instinctive reflex response technique, launch technique, resistance technique, finishing, exit strategy and the power-strike system.

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