Steve Maxwell visits Sydney

Written by Blitz

World leading fitness guru and 4th Degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black-belt Steve Maxwell recently finished up an extended eight-week instructing stint at the Jiu Jitsu Kingdom in Sydney. 

Steve Maxwell with the JJK crew in Sydney

Teaching classes on Tuesday and Thursday, the American based himself out of the academy during his stay in Australia, where he also juggled his commitments teaching fitness and BJJ seminars interstate.

The first American to earn a Black-belt from the famed Relson Gracie, Maxwell is most known for his work in the field of strength and conditioning. The first man to teach kettlebell classes in the United States, he dedicates his time to travelling the world conducting seminars in fitness, kettlebells, jiu-jitsu and joint mobility.

Maxwell shared his unique jiu-jitsu teaching methods during his visit, which incorporate breathing techniques from his experience in Russian Systema. His extensive joint mobility and mobility conditioning exercises also taught students to lubricate their joints, perform techniques with correct posture/muscle imbalances and improved their overall movement skills specific to jiu-jitsu.

Head instructor at JJ Kingdom, Felipe Grez, relished the opportunity to have the Black-belt teach at his school and hopes he can one day make a return.

“Steve really is an amazing individual and a virtual treasure trove of knowledge in various fields such as Gracie jiu-jitsu, wrestling, strength and conditioning and all-round health and vitality,” said Grez.

“Steve’s knowledge of the original Gracie jiu-jitsu self-defence techniques are impeccable as he was very fortunate to have learnt directly from Helio, Rorion, Relson, Rickson, Royler and Royce Gracie, among others, at various times. Steve pays homage to the entire Gracie family and believes in Gracie jiu-jitsu as the ultimate art of self-defence for everyone.”

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