Aussie kung fu comedy series to hit TV screens

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The first ever Australian kung fu comedy series Maximum Choppage finished up filming in Sydney in April. The six-part TV series will air on ABC 2 and is set in and around Cabramatta and surrounding suburbs.

Lawrence Leung stars as Simon Chan in Maximum Choppage

The series will star Lawrence Leung (Choose Your Own Adventure) with a support cast including David Eastgate (The Elegant Gentlemans Guide to Knife Fighting), Stephanie Son (Rescue Special Ops), Darren Gilshenan (The Moodys) and Georgina Haig (Fringe). 

“As a full-time coward, I am thrilled to be stretching my range as an actor for Australia’s first kung fu action comedy,” said Leung, who also wrote the series.

“We have assembled such a hilarious cast and incredible stunt team. I’m now regretting writing scenes which involve me being beaten up by martial artists.”

Maximum Choppage follows the story of Simon Chan (Leung), a phony kung fu fighter returning to his hometown after years supposedly training in a faraway martial arts temple. After being mistakenly sent to a regular ‘art’ school by his mother, it’s only a matter of time before everyone discovers he’s just an ordinary guy. Now back in Cabramatta, Simon is weighed down by the responsibility to learn real martial arts. Simon knows that eventually “the truth could hurt — literally. He could lose his life — or worse — disappoint his mother”.

With the martial arts communities of Cabramatta the main inspiration for the series, the stunt work and fight scenes will be choreographed by Trung Ly from Cabramatta Dong Tam — a non-profit organisation working to teach the community martial arts and lion dancing. The Dong Tam team will have the responsibility of providing the stunt work throughout the production.

“We’re beyond excited at ABC2 about Maximum Choppage. Audiences won’t have laughed this hard at a martial arts comedy since Kylie Minogue in Street Fighter,” says ABC TV’s head of comedy, Rick Kalowski.

The series is scheduled to air around October this year.

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