Japanese Jujitsu & Judo


A study in kaizen

Written by John Coles
John Coles takes a took at the legendary Shihan Jan de Jong and kaizen. Read more...

Marcelo Rezende: My goal is to promote Gracie Barra BJJ

Written by Boon Mark Souphanh
Brazilian-born jiu-jitsu instructor Professor Marcelo Rezende talks to Blitz about his life on the mats and how it’s helped him bounce back. Read more...

Black Belt Journeys

Written by Administrator
When most people first step foot in a dojo and don a white belt, they have two things in mind: they want to learn how to fend off a crazed attacker or three, and they want to know how they can lose their white belt and get a black one instead. Although widely considered by senior masters to be ‘just the beginning’ of the real martial arts journey, for the general public the Black-belt rank has long been a symbol of martial arts expertise, and thus for the beginner it is the ultimate goal. Here, we reveal how the Black-belt is achieved in the Japanese combat sport of judo. Read more...

Judo's Dream Maker

Written by Derick Mildred
It was a sad day for Australian martial arts when Arthur Moorshead, 8th Dan, passed away on 29 January 2010, at the age of 78. He was a pioneer of judo and aikido here in Australia, and was rewarded for his services to the Japanese fighting arts with an Order of Australia medal in 1999. Here, his stepson Derick Mildred pays tribute to the man considered a ‘dream maker’ in Australian judo. Read more...