Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qi Gong

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The power of tai chi’s pushing hands

Written by James Sumarac
The eight gates of tai chi.

Q&A with the Master Monk

Written by Ramesh Patel
Ramesh Patel sits down with Grandmaster Shi De Yang from the Shaolin Temple. Read more...

Controlling distance

Written by Danny Hajdukovic
Sifu Danny Hajdukovic on offence as a defence and how to control distance. Read more...

Sifu Ramesh Patel: The eight Taoist immortals

Written by Ramesh Patel
Sifu Ramesh Patel takes a look at the eight Taoist immortals. Read more...

Travelling to Shaolin

Written by Zach Broadhurst
Rick Creamer takes us through his journeys to Shaolin. Read more...

Master Hai Yang: Power internal - Preview

Written by Jonathan Bluestein
A preview of our interview with Master Hai Yang from the December issue of Blitz Read more...
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