Master Kacem Zoughari on Bujinkan teachings

Written by Graham Anderson and Ben Stone
Dr Kacem Zoughari on teachings in Bujinkan Schools.

Master Kacem Zoughari on Bujinkan grades

Written by Graham Anderson & Ben Stone
Ninjutsu Master Kacem Zoughari shares his thoughts on grading in bujinkan. Read more...

Shidoshi Jack Hoban - American ninja

Written by Paul Johnstone
As a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Jack Hoban has experienced things most martial artists don’t; and as a Shidoshi senior instructor of Bujinkan budo taijutsu (ninjutsu) under Japanese grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, he’s had experiences most Marines will never have, either. Read more...

Chasing the Shadow Warriors

Written by Paul Johnstone
Although Robin Doenicke had been training in martial arts nearly all his life, it was a letter to Japan’s famous Bujinkan ninjutsu grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in 1995 that would ultimately change the course of his life. He travelled to Japan to immerse himself in the ancient combat craft of the ‘shadow warrior’ and in doing so, found his future. Here, fellow ninjutsu instructor and Blitz writer Paul Johnstone interviews Shihan Doenicke, 15th Dan, about training with Grandmaster Hatsumi in Japan, the early days of ninjutsu in Australia, and the Bujinkan’s unique Dan-grade system. Read more...

Black Belt Journeys

Written by Administrator
When most people walk into a dojo for the first time, they have two things in mind: they want to learn how to fend off a crazed attacker or three, and they want to know, ‘How can I get a Black-belt?’ Although widely considered by senior masters to be ‘just the beginning’ of the real martial arts journey, for the beginner, the Black-belt is the holy grail, and for the general public it’s long been a symbol of martial arts expertise. Here, we reveal how you go about getting one in the traditional Japanese combat art of Genbukan ninjutsu. Read more...

The Realist Part 2

Written by Ben Stone
Paul Johnstone is somewhat of an oddity in the martial arts scene. On one side, he has forged a career on the front line with the Australian Federal Police and in teaching defensive tactics methods, formed from his study of reality-based combat methods such as Senshido and the Israeli military system, Kapap. On the other side, he teaches the ancient arts of Japan’s Bujinkan ninjutsu system — a style that has long been the target of sledges about its impracticality from the reality-based training fraternity. In part two of this interview, Johnstone tells how he melds these methods in his teaching and shares more of the philosophies he’s forged in over 25 years in martial arts. Read more...