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Iron Edge pull-up ropes

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Iron Edge pull up ropes - Blitz Martial Arts Magazine
For trainees wanting to ramp up their chin-up workouts to boost upper-body buffness and gi-tearing grip strength, Iron Edge’s rugged, 2m sisal ropes are built specially for the task. Read more...

Iron Edge Pro-grade Kettlebells

Written by Blitz
Iron Edge Pro-grade Kettlebells - Blitz Martial Arts Magazine
Ergonomically designed by Russia’s leading girevoy (the sport of kettlebell lifting) athletes and coaches, Iron Edge professional-grade kettlebells are used by professional lifters worldwide in international kettlebell competitions. Read more...

Hayabusa Kanpeki elite sparring and MMA gloves

Written by Blitz
Hayabusa Kanpeki elite sparring and MMA gloves - Blitz Martial Arts Magazine
Hayabusa’s Kanpeki 16-ounce sparring gloves are handcrafted from supple full-grain leather that progressively moulds and softens with every training session to create a unique fit. Read more...

SMAI throwing dummy

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The Suples Throwing Dummy from SMAI is the ideal wrestling dummy for use in MMA, judo, or any other martial art that employs throwing/grappling techniques. Read more...

Iron Edge power bands

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Power bands are a particularly useful tool for martial artists. Being relatively cheap, easy to store and transport, they allow you to do resistance training at home, while travelling or at the dojo, without needing any weights. Read more...

Ice’n’ Easy

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Ice 'n' Easy
Ice’n’Easy is a strap-on ice bag designed to allow for easy treatment of injuries through simultaneous application of ice and compression. Read more...
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