Unbreakable Walking-stick Umbrella

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Martial arts such as kobudo, eskrima, hapkido, iaido and the like are excellent for learning ‘stick’ defence, but you can’t lawfully carry a stick with you everywhere you go.

Unbreakabel umbrella - MMA

Never fear: the Unbreakable Walking-stick Umbrella is designed to have you covered come rain, hail or fight.

The Unbreakable Umbrella works just as well as a very sturdy walking stick or cane but does not arouse suspicion or result in strange looks if carried by an able-bodied person as a walking stick might. Legal to carry just about everywhere, the Unbreakable Umbrella hits as hard as a steel pipe but weighs only 700g.

Designed to perform in rain and wind like the highest quality regular umbrellas, the Unbreakable Umbrella has no unusual parts and contains no more metal than an average umbrella. The sturdy frame is warranted not to break under normal use (note: the two-year warranty does not cover fabric, or damage caused by abuse or accident), and it comes with a fabric sleeve/sheath.

Anyone who knows how to use a stick for defence can use this umbrella.
Price: $149; Supplier: www.globalgear.com.au

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