Iron Edge pull-up ropes

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For trainees wanting to ramp up their chin-up workouts to boost upper-body buffness and gi-tearing grip strength, Iron Edge’s rugged, 2m sisal ropes are built specially for the task.

Iron Edge pull up ropes - Blitz Martial Arts Magazine

Due to the thickness, positioning and instability of the rope, chins with these, as opposed to a bar, work your grip, shoulders, upper back and core much harder than ordinary chin-ups.

The ropes also have multiple other uses, including: kettlebell swings (loop through the handle for grip work, or for building up to fuller range of motion); attachment to Power Bands for pulls, presses and rotations; and increasing grip work when sled-dragging.

The pull-up rope pack includes one 1.5-inch rope and one 2-inch rope.

Price: $80 per pack – individual ropes $40 (1.5”) or $50 (2”)

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