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Fundamentals of Force

Written by John Coles
John Coles attempts to give you a better understanding of the scientific basis for combative movements.Here, he starts by explaining the fundamentals of force.

Rules to survive by

Written by Marcus Encel
Aikido-strategies-marcel-encel - Blitz Martial Arts
Aikido strategies for facing multiple attackers

Game Sense - a new way of coaching?

Written by Graham Kuerschner
Games of sense - Blitz Martial Arts Magazine
Game Sense is an Australian variant of ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ (TGfU), which was created by Rod Thorpe and David Bunker at Loughborough University in the early ’80s. It has since gained significant traction at the elite level and is supported here in Australia by the Australian Sport Commission (ASC). Read more...

Aikido vs MMA

Written by Rik Ellis
From the outside looking in, or indeed to those training in one or the other, most would say aikido and MMA are at opposite ends of the martial arts spectrum. Read more...

Aikido - master your centre

Written by Paul Araki-Metcalfe Sensei
Aikio - master your centre
Aikido is a Japanese martial art that has been adopted by many non-Japanese people worldwide. This removal from the art’s original cultural and philosophical heritage has meant that many in the West struggle to truly grasp the physical fundamentals that make the art effective, writes aikido instructor Paul Araki-Metcalfe Sensei. Following a nine-year stint studying the art in Japan, the Australia-based aikidoka explains how tackling the basics with an Eastern attitude leads to faster development and greater combat effectiveness. Read more...

Fight-Finishing Aikido

Written by Kristine Cao
It’s been said that perhaps aikido isn’t such a practical martial art; that it lacks real-world effectiveness and focuses too much on the spiritual or philosophical aspects of the art; that it’s too ‘dancey’ or soft in its execution to work against real violence. That stems from misunderstandings of the art’s principles and too little knowledge of its many options for finishing fights quickly and without fuss, writes Yoshinkan aikidoka Kristine Cao. Read more...
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