Rules to survive by

Written by Marcus Encel

Aikido strategies for facing multiple attackers

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Rules to survive by

»     Don’t allow yourself to be encircled; if surrounded, bust out of the circle using one of the prescribed techniques/tactics.

»    In a melee or jiyuwaza, stay away from walls and obstacles; don’t get swamped; maintain free movement.

»     If this fails, try to use environmental objects (for example, a wall) as a weapon or shield.

»    Don’t move in straight lines. Move in circles, vectors, ellipses and curves.

»     Never stay in the same spot.

»    Never spin on the spot.

»     Make the opponents reach (the more they reach, the more open and easy to deal with they are).

»    Treat multiple attackers as one.

»    For new or injured trainees, a policy of disengagement can be very effective and frustrate the attacker. Just as you see in combat sports, if someone constantly disengages it is very difficult to finish them. This can work to one's advantage if the odds are against you, although it won't work if you have people to protect. Choose the right strategy for the appropriate situation.

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