How to execute a collar-choke

Written by John Will

Chokes provide us with an opportunity for an absolute outcome. Here, BJJ Australia chief instructor John Will recalls his introduction to the world of chokes and explains how to execute a few favourites.

How to execute a collar-choke - MMA techniques
How to master the art of choking

There are so many chokes in the BJJ arsenal that we cannot even scratch the surface of the subject in this article. I decided to show a couple here that are a little out of the ‘mainstream’ and that make use of the lapel or collar to do the lion’s share of the work.

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Most of my favourite chokes are done without the use of the gi or any clothing the opponent may be wearing. I prefer that style of choking a little more because it is useable in a wider variety of situations.

Although there are literally, hundreds of angles, variations and types of chokes that we can use, it still mostly comes down to superior positioning and control, as these things will afford us the opportunity to apply the chokes (or any other submission, for that matter) in live situations and under the pressure of actual combat.

But try these few lapel-chokes for fun and to gain a little experience in moving around. They require mobility and accuracy — both good attributes to develop.

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Photo credit: Charlie Suriano