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Confidence or Delusion?

Written by John B Will
John B Will on how we need to earn our confidence. Read more...

Intelligent Training

Written by John Jory
John Jory on balancing a warm-up before a fight.  Read more...

Handle yourself when arrested for self-defence

Written by Phil O'Brien
cops-CREDIT-GREG-WOOD AFP Getty-Images
How to handle yourself correctly when under arrest for self-defence.   Read more...

The importance of culture in martial arts

Written by John Will
The-Last-Word-DSC 5974-CREDIT-charlie-suriano
John Will talks about the culture of martial arts schools and their importance.  Read more...

Exploring the ancient 'bujutsu'

Written by David Dangerfield
Budo-Pt-1-David-Dangerfield- MG 5118
David Dangerfield explores what value the ancient bujutsu may still have to the modern-day martial artists. Read more...

How to kill fear and summon courage Pt. 2

Written by John Coles
Fighting-Fear-Part-2-x3-iStock 000029481394Large-V2
Part II of John Coles' looks into how emotions can effect our choices in potentially violent situations. Read more...
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