Reality-based Self Defence

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How to prevail in a street fight

Written by Michael Workman
Michael Workman on how to come up top in a street fight. Read more...

Learn to train as you fight

Written by Shawn Donaldson
The effect of reality on the application of your training in martial arts.

Sharpen your sensory awareness

Written by Matt Charnley
Drills to improve your sensory awareness taught by Renshi Matt Charnley of Hoshiki Kiritsu.

Training your body for a street fight

Written by Deane Lawler
Street-Corner-iStock 000011797592Medium
It’s a question that many who train in a martial art want answered: how do you train your body for a street fight, as opposed to a competition bout?

Internal secrets of Systema: Breathing and conditioning

Written by Ken Wong
Systema-Breathing-IMG 0465-3
A look at the internal secrets of Russian combat art Systema with top instructor Kalvin Smith. Read more...

The Science of Self-defence

Written by Ben Stone
When he began developing Target Focus Training as a US Navy combatives trainer, Tim Larkin started with two things: the human body, and the enormous body of scientific knowledge on how it sustains injury. The next step was applying physics to physiology, and biffo to biology, to produce an effective way of inflicting trauma on the body of any person threatening your life. TFT, as it’s known, has since courted a good deal of controversy with its approach, but here its founder explains how the science behind the system makes it devastatingly effective. Read more...
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