Taekwondo & Hapkido


How to get back into the game after a lay-off from training

Written by Mel Thomas
Mel Thomas
Hapkido Black-belt and founder of the KYUP! Project Mel Thomas

Master the jumping spinning heel kick

Written by Paul Mitchell
A preview of January issue article on masting taekwondo's high-flying kicks.  Read more...

Taekwondo Stick-up!

Written by Gary Simmons
For a long time, taekwondo practitioners with an interest in learning how to wield a weapon had to turn to the Japanese and Okinawan arts to learn how. But not any more. In recent years, Grandmaster Yong Dai Cho, ranked 9th Dan by South Korea’s taekwondo institution the Kukkiwon, has been working to increase taekwondo’s appeal and practicality by means of Taekwondo Bongsul, a new taekwondo weaponry system he devised. Since its introduction to various World Taekwondo Federation affiliated clubs across Australia, Bongsul has captured the imagination of students from far and wide. Grandmaster Cho has been in great demand for seminars on the system, and his training manual Taekwondo Bongsul has sold well in over 60 countries. Read more...

Learn to Fly - Getting airborne with Bren Foster

Written by Michael Schiavello
Learn to Fly Kick
Just as powerful strikes define the Karateka, joint locks define the Hapkidoist and powerful hip throws define the Judoka, so the flying kick is the trademark of the Taekwondo stylist. Read more...

5 Hapkido Takedowns

Written by Kiwan Kim & Paul Pelegrin
5 Hapkido Takedowns
Hapkido is renowned for its awesome throws, spectacular kicks and dynamic takedowns. Read more...