Wing Chun's Butterfly swords

Written by Ian Protheroe
Sifu Ian Protheroe recounts his search for mastery of the sword in the modern era.    Read more...

Sword techniques of the samurai

Written by Paul Araki-Metcalfe
Sword guru Paul Araki-Metcalfe Sensei gives an insight into the technique behind the samurai’s ability to cut through enemies’ bodies like they were butter.

Give 'em a Caning

Written by Graeme Young
Given the proliferation of weapons and group attacks on our streets today, successful self-defence can require more than a little skill with your hands and feet. Unfortunately, while wielding a weapon yourself might be a great equaliser, carrying a weapon for self-defence is illegal, and finding an improvised one when you need it is unlikely. There is one weapon, however, that is both legal and easy to carry. Graeme Young explains why the humble walking cane (or umbrella, as a substitute) is making a comeback as a tool of self-defence, thanks to pioneers like US hapkido grandmaster Mark Shuey Sr. Read more...

Running Amok!

Written by Administrator
With knife attacks becoming an ever more regular feature of Australian news bulletins and police reports, the return of American knife expert Tom Sotis to our shores could perhaps not have come at a better time. Blitz writer Daniel Tran caught up with the maestro of the AMOK! combatives system and even tested his own mettle with the metal at Sotis’ recent Melbourne workshop. Read more...