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Jeet Kune Do’s - Trapping Range

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Written by Arthur Ligopantis
Jeet Kune Do
The ability to intercept, then destroy your opponent’s intentions efficiently and ruthlessly can be achieved in trapping range. Although there is a distinct difference between theatrical and functional Jeet-Kune-Do, the reality is that functional Jeet-Kune-Do works within close-quarters, also called trapping range. Read more...

Secrets of Enshin’s Sabaki Method - Part 3

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Written by Sensei Dino Kardas
Enshin Sabaki Method
Kancho Ninomiya’s Sabaki Method employs several training methods unique to Enshin Karate. Among them Enshin advocates the use of the heavy bag and full contact armshield training to help students forge the true skills and spirit of budo. Read more...

Boxing's Hook Punch

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Written by Administrator
Muay Thai instructor and former WKA Australian Champ Mark ‘The Hammer’ Castagnini demonstrates how to use one of Western boxing’s most versatile strikes. Read more...

Boxing Skills - To improve your martial arts ability

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Written by Ted Argyle
Boxing Skills
As a martial artist and full-time instructor for over 15 years, I have long searched for the best techniques and skills for my own and my students’ benefit. In my search, I have found a wealth of effective tools and strategies in western boxing that can be integrated with other martial arts skills. Read more...

5 Hapkido Takedowns

In Taekwondo & Hapkido
Written by Kiwan Kim & Paul Pelegrin
5 Hapkido Takedowns
Hapkido is renowned for its awesome throws, spectacular kicks and dynamic takedowns. Read more...
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