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Traditonal Values

In Philosophy
Written by Silvio Morelli
Silvio Morelli
Every martial arts tradition started somewhere. So how do practices become ‘tradition’ in the first place? We can assume it’s because they were considered to have a great practical or social value; one worthy of continuing for future generations. But are they still relevant today? Read more...

What Have We Become?

In Philosophy
Written by Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke
Philosophy: the future of our fighting arts. A staunch traditionalist when it comes to his chosen art of karate, Mike Clarke Sensei, 7th Dan, has been on the path of budo for over 30 years. Read more...

Somewhere a Seed Inside

In Philosophy
Written by John B Will
John B Will
Each of us who has taken up the martial arts has the remnants of a seed buried somewhere deep inside. Sometime, perhaps recently, perhaps when we were children, this seed was planted and when the time was right, it sprouted, grew and flowered into the practice we now enjoy. Read more...

Lock 'em up - Foot & Leg Locks

Written by Ben Stone
Lock em up
Foot and leg locks are a major component of the grappling arts, and when executed correctly offer a method of controlling or restraining a violent opponent. Our opponent’s legs are often within reach when ground-fighting, so why just defend against them when we can attack them? Read more...

Learn to Fly - Getting airborne with Bren Foster

In Taekwondo & Hapkido
Written by Michael Schiavello
Learn to Fly Kick
Just as powerful strikes define the Karateka, joint locks define the Hapkidoist and powerful hip throws define the Judoka, so the flying kick is the trademark of the Taekwondo stylist. Read more...

Killer-Grip Grip-strength exercises for martial arts

In Fitness & Strength
Written by Matt Jones
Killer grip
A strong grip is a great asset to any martial artist, whether they be a grappler or striker. Strength and conditioning coach and martial artist Matt Jones shows you how to achieve it. Read more...
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