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Is strength really your strength?

In Others
Written by Matt Beecroft
You may have heard the mantra of many in the strength and conditioning community, 'strong first'. But does this apply to those of us whose goal is combat effectiveness?  Read more...

The always challenging battle of pain vs. gain

In Karate
Written by Alexandra Parsons
Alexandra Parsons: Pain vs Gain

Does tameshiwari make a difference to fighting technique?

In Karate
Written by Ashley Nicholls
Breaking-Karate-iStock 000005851195Medium
Does tameshiwari make a difference to fighting technique? 

Handle yourself when arrested for self-defence

In Philosophy
Written by Phil O'Brien
cops-CREDIT-GREG-WOOD AFP Getty-Images
How to handle yourself correctly when under arrest for self-defence.   Read more...

Master the jumping spinning heel kick

In Taekwondo & Hapkido
Written by Paul Mitchell
A preview of January issue article on masting taekwondo's high-flying kicks.  Read more...

Are you overtraining? - Preview

In Fitness & Strength
Written by Matt Beecroft
Are you overtraining? Find out in this December issue preview.  Read more...
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