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How to stay limber into your older years

In Fitness & Strength
Written by Matt Beecroft
A look at how age impacts our range of movement as we get older.  Read more...

The importance of culture in martial arts

In Philosophy
Written by John Will
The-Last-Word-DSC 5974-CREDIT-charlie-suriano
John Will talks about the culture of martial arts schools and their importance.  Read more...

How many ways can you roundhouse-kick?

In Karate
Written by Blitz
Jason-BaltovKicking-it-DSC 9129
A look at the how different styles execute the roundhouse-kick.  Read more...

5 Fencing Fundamentals for Martial Artists

In Others
Written by Michael D’Angona
Martial artists can learn from the training and tactics of fencing, says Aikido instructor and fencer Michael D'Angona.  Read more...

Exploring the ancient 'bujutsu'

In Philosophy
Written by David Dangerfield
Budo-Pt-1-David-Dangerfield- MG 5118
David Dangerfield explores what value the ancient bujutsu may still have to the modern-day martial artists. Read more...

Shoulder injuries: How do you rehab them?

In Fitness & Strength
Written by Andrew Read
What's the best way to protect and rehab your shoulder injuries? Find out here.  Read more...
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