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What is the best path to injury recovery?

In Fitness & Strength
Written by Andrew Read
The-Burn-iStock 000015750798Large
Andrew Read gives an insight into injury recovery for martial artists.  Read more...

The mission of repetition

In Philosophy
Written by Shawn Donaldson
Repetition-Shawn-Donaldson-DSC 5341
Shawn Donaldson of Adelaide’s Denshinkan Academy shares some solutions to the problem of repetition. Read more...

Choosing the right martial art for you

In Philosophy
Written by John Will
Does your martial art of choice fit like a glove? John Will talks choosing the right MA for you.  Read more...

The Art of Counter Fighting

In Karate
Written by Jason Baltov
Jason Baltov gives an insight on the art of counter fighting.  Read more...

A study of the guillotine-choke

Written by John B Will
John Will reveals puts jiu-jitsu’s guillotine-choke under the microscope and tracking its metamorphosis via the petri-dish of dojo training. Read more...

Wing Chun's Butterfly swords

In Weaponry
Written by Ian Protheroe
Sifu Ian Protheroe recounts his search for mastery of the sword in the modern era.    Read more...
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